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Sadberge, County Durham


Ozzy's ideal home

Ozzy is a sensitive lad looking for a quieter adult only home (with no visiting youngsters). He can be easily worried by handling so will need positive associations building to help with this. He is gaining confidence and initiates interaction but can also be conflicted when it happens. Potential adopters will be invited to meet Ozzy a few times here at the centre where our Training Team can chat through how to best understand Ozzy's body language and the way to become his best bud. He would love for his home to have a garden for playtimes and easy access to an area to toilet as he is housetrained. He'd also like an area where he can enjoy his meals peacefully. He can be vocal when he sees dogs out on walks.

Could you be Ozzy's perfect match?

This dude certainly has the looks but he is still working on his confidence around people so would like a family understanding of his need for space. He likes being out and about exploring new places and sniffing out new smells. Car travel doesn't bother him so will be ok for a mini road trip enjoy other walking routes. Ozzy is a playful lad and is always up for a game of ball. With some guidance and time Ozzy's full personality will soon shine through.

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 3 months ago
  • Breed Poodle
  • Current age 3 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Darlington
  • Sex Male

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